5 Benefits of Studying Foreign Languages ​​in India


Globalization has led to increased interactions between business leaders, global organizations, people, institutions and others. Now, to be a proactive member of the global community, learning a new language is imperative for everyone. You need to know at least two languages ​​to be successful in your studies or career. Do you want to know why? When you learn a foreign language, you discover new cultures, improve your career, improve your creativity, become a better problem solver, etc. In addition, being a bilingual person, you can expect an 11% salary increase. It shows how important it is to learn a new language in today’s increasingly competitive and hyper-connected world.

Here are the top five reasons why learning a new language in India can work wonders:

Advance Your Career: Did you know that nearly 40% of Indians learn a new language for personal development? But how does language learning help improve career opportunities? Probably, being bilingual will give you the much-needed competitive edge when looking for a job over your monolingual peers. In the age of globalization, knowing an additional language besides English will help you communicate effectively. With continuous development in the field of education and Indian universities collaborating with various foreign universities, knowing and mastering a second language is of utmost importance. French, Spanish and German are among the top five earning languages ​​and are in constant demand in India. Well, we can’t forget to mention the modern lingua franca, English here.

Multiple options and possibilities: There are multiple job opportunities for bilinguals. A study found that bilingual teachers can expect an increase in their income because teaching is the highest paying sector for Spanish, French and German. You can also become a foreign language teacher at universities abroad and even in India. Now every central university in India has a department for various foreign languages. They offer various certificate level courses, diploma courses, undergraduate or postgraduate courses and even doctorates in foreign languages. You can also choose to become a language translator and work with multinational companies after taking specialized courses in translation practices.

Improve your social and networking skills: the world is a “global village” and without proper communication skills, you will not be able to progress in any field. Today, language skills are one of the most sought-after skills by employers. Additionally, companies are willing to hire employees who can easily connect with a wider range of people. Thus, language learning helps you develop your interpersonal skills and other social skills.

Helps you become more creative: Learning a foreign language can improve your ability to solve problems and think more logically. This will allow you to improve your divergent thinking skills and to come up with several solutions to the same problem. If you want to learn a foreign language, you absolutely have to start! You will be more adaptable and improve your creativity.

HELPS YOU MULTI-TASK: Learning a new language increases brain flexibility, which is why you can switch tasks in seconds. If you want to learn a foreign language, you will be more adaptable and able to handle unexpected situations much better than monolinguals. You must be wondering how it happened? Probably, this happens because we consciously switch between our first or native language and the new one. It helps us retain what we learn while making connections. This language training will activate different areas of our brain. The more you switch from one language to another, the more these brain areas will get used to working. Once you get used to this training, you can switch between tasks beyond the language.
Wondering where you can take language learning courses from?
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Nowadays, you can take online courses or home schooling to learn a foreign language, that too, within your budget. Some Ed-tech platforms offer online or home tutors for Indian and foreign languages. You can take these courses at your convenience whether you are a working professional or a student. Tutoring platforms give you a personalized dashboard where you can manage and schedule lessons based on your learning needs. You can also choose between the learning and study mode of the best tutors in your budget.

So what are you waiting for? Hire an at-home or online language tutor now and start your language learning journey!



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