A foreign language school condemned by bureaucrats


Bureaucratic blunders and funding that arrived too late doomed a small Renewal high school in the South Bronx to failure, supporters say.

Education officials dropped the Academy of Foreign Languages ​​of Global Studies last year, citing “persistently low enrollment, performance issues and a lack of demand from students.”

At the time, FLAGS served only 101 students, had a 43% graduation rate, and was the first choice of only nine children in the first round of the high school admissions process.

“The superintendent has worked with leaders at the district and school level, but problematic trends persist,” the Department of Education said in announcing its intention to unplug.

FLAGS teacher Aixa Rodriguez said the school needed math, English and special education teachers, but didn’t have the money to hire them.

“If you need to hire teachers, that money has to be there by the summer. [before],” she says.

At an April 5 public hearing on the shutdown, a community member said FLAGS was promised a grant “which only came two weeks before.” [the] The DOE announced that it planned to close the school,” according to the minutes of the meeting.

The ministry said the money was “actually distributed in December 2015”.


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