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Newcomer is a new game seeking funding on Kickstarter. The game is a story-driven language learning RPG set in a fantasy world where you learn a second language to communicate and survive. There are no lessons, timers, or ads, just explore the sandbox world and talk to people, build relationships, and work magic in the language you’re learning.

You can choose to learn English, Spanish, French or Italian while exploring 8 unique towns and fishing, crafting, mining, alchemy, exploring and questing. There are 4 levels of difficulty: absolute beginner, beginner, experienced beginner or intermediate. There are tons of features for this game including hover over a word for translation, sentence building, conversation goals to build relationships, use language to cast magic, dictionary you fill in, grammar guides, translatable short stories, and learning statistics. .

Although I think the graphics leave a bit to be desired, I think this game looks amazing. I’ve always struggled to learn a second language using apps like Duolingo, but it seems to be a lot more fun and engaging to play. It also seems like there are lots of different options and ways to immerse yourself in the language while playing. Check Starter now.


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