Best Language Learning App Deal (UK)


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TL; DR: A lifetime subscription to Mondly (all languages)(opens in a new tab) is on sale for £88.48, saving you 95% off the list price.

A classroom isn’t the only place to learn a language, and a teacher isn’t the only one who can teach you. Self-paced learning has been around long enough that research is really starting to dig into its usefulness, and the consensus is that controlling the pace of your learning can help improve your memory, performance, and efficiency. That means if you want to learn a new language, an app that lets you pace yourself could be a great place to start, and Mondly has 41 languages ​​to learn and a lifetime subscription to do just that. However, this is your last chance to get it for £88.48.

Want to learn a new language? How about Bulgarian, Croatian, Danish, French, German, Freek, Japanese, Spanish or Vietnamese? This is just a sample of the selection with mondi(opens in a new tab), an award-winning language learning app. As exciting as the variety of languages ​​is, their teaching methods also deserve some attention.

If you took language lessons in school, you might remember the drudgery of memorizing vocabulary. There is a bit of memorization with Mondly, but it gets you to memorize keywords. These are common words that make up the majority of what you say in regular conversation or read frequently.

As you practice your vocabulary, you can also learn pronunciation from conversations between native speakers or use Mondly’s augmented reality feature to interact with animals and objects as you learn . You can only use AR features through the iOS or Android apps, but all other features can also be accessed through your browser.

This is your last chance to get a lifetime subscription to Mondly (all languages)(opens in a new tab) for £88.48. That’s a 95% discount.


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