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Many skills can benefit you professionally and personally, one of them being multilingualism. According to Babbel, American college graduates who speak more than English fluently see their salaries increase by two percent. Other than that, learning a new language could lead to rewarding interactions with people you would otherwise never communicate with. So if you want to expand your language range for a lot, you can until September 18.

With over 10 million users worldwide and a 4.5 out of five star rating or higher on the App Store and Google Play Store, Babbel can help you speak a new language with confidence in just one month. The app uses to analyze and critique your pronunciation, allowing you to make adjustments on the fly while studying to ensure you don’t develop bad speaking habits. Babbel also uses Complete the Dialogue courses to test your reading and writing skills.

Babbel’s methodology focuses on the vocabulary and grammar you’ll use in real-life interactions, like hailing a taxi, asking for directions, ordering food, making friends and more. Lessons last only 10-15 minutes and begin with simple conversations. Then, Babbel reintroduces the words and phrases you learned earlier into more advanced interactions to reinforce your understanding.

Babbel currently covers 14 languages, including Spanish, German, Polish, Indonesian and Russian. The app syncs your progress across all your devices, so you can hone your language skills using your smartphone during lunch and practice reading and writing before bed.

Whether or not you want to work abroad, adding one, two or ten new languages ​​won’t hurt. Babbel offers short lessons to help you fit learning into your busy schedule, and new customers can until September 18.

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