Envoys hail inclusion of foreign languages ​​in India’s National Education Policy 2020 | India News


Foreign envoys from several countries, whose languages ​​have been included in the National Education Policy 2020, hailed the development and said it will increase the country’s understanding as well as bilateral cooperation.

The National Education Policy has announced that foreign languages ​​– Korean, Japanese, Thai, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian will be offered at secondary level. According to the policy, this will enable “students to learn more about world cultures and enrich their global knowledge and mobility according to their own interests and aspirations”.

Thai Chutintorn envoy Sam Gongsakdi reacting to the development said: “Thai is taught in places like Australia and Viet Nam, but in India it’s an added honor. There are common roots in Pali and in Sanskrit in our languages, so I hope the Indians don’t find Thai too difficult.”

Russian envoy Nikolay Kudashev said, “Glad to see Russian language listed in the new education policy among the elective courses that students can take to learn about world cultures and enrich global knowledge. connections.”

South Korea’s envoy to India, Shin Bongkil, said, “I think the Indian government’s decision to add Korean as a foreign language for secondary school can be seen as a symbolic measure to focus on the importance Indo-Korean relations”.

The Korean Culture Center in India is preparing to open a Korean language teacher training course with 23 candidate Korean language teachers. These teachers are selected for an intensive 15-week course which will run from August 17 to December 24. No mandarins were included in the new education policy.


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