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The new piece analyzes the use of family learning software in a migrant education center. Previously, the center struggled with low client motivation and poor attendance rates. Using the company’s unique family literacy solution, the center transitioned from in-person learning to a hybrid model.

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As the new report highlights, The Family Learning Company’s software played a pivotal role in the success of the blended learning program. The ability to learn from home, combined with the inclusion of software from all family members, has led to much better results for everyone involved.

According to, the United States is home to more than 48 million immigrants, or 14.6% of the total population. Since many migrants come from non-English speaking backgrounds, English literacy programs play an important role in helping newcomers integrate into American society.

The latest article from the Family Learning Company explains that migrant education centers face several challenges. A change in commitment, a move, or a simple lack of motivation all contribute to high dropout rates. A Michigan-based center has taken a new approach. Using the company’s family literacy software, she was able to adopt a hybrid learning model that allows families to improve their English at home.

Indeed, the center has now adapted most aspects of its operation to the online market. The report describes a number of important results. In the first case, student retention rates are much higher than before. Additionally, the family-friendly nature of the software leads to greater participation among all age groups. The net result is that students’ English literacy improves faster.

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About the Family Learning Society

Aimed at children and adults, The Family Learning Company’s software offers unique multi-generational content designed to improve literacy for preschool, elementary, middle, high school, and adult learners. Family members can set goals for themselves and monitor each other’s progress, making it a more interactive and group-focused experience.

A company representative said, “For software to be family learning software, it must include activities designed for children and activities designed for adults. This is exactly what family literacy software does.

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