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Gaya: The Institute of Hotel Management ((IHM), Bodh Gaya, in conjunction with the Bihar State Department of Tourism is working to increase tourist attendance not only in the temple city, but at the sites The Institute has initiated activities like tourism outreach program, short courses in different foreign languages ​​in addition to skills testing and certification programs for individuals such as tour guides, staff working in different hotels and other players in the tourism industry.
IHM Director Dhiman Banerjee said: “About 250 admissions were made to the six-week foreign language courses in Thai, Japanese, Chinese and French, which were free. Mostly, young students learned the basics of foreign languages ​​About 230 students learned how to handle tourists visiting Bodh Gaya during the six-day skills testing and certification program for hotel staff.
He added, “The institute will start fee-based foreign language courses from the next academic session. The courses will be offered in four languages ​​– Thai, Japanese, French and Chinese. tourism industry stakeholders, including tour guides and hotel staff, are provided with advice on tourism potential within the state and tourism hospitality management. This includes information on other major tourist sites across the state, how to get there and other information such as places to visit, accommodation, food and communication facilities,” he said.
“Our motive is that tourists visiting Bodh Gaya also spend a few days visiting other tourist spots in the state. Apart from this, the aim is to raise awareness among local youth and connect them with livelihood opportunities in the tourism sector. This would help boost tourism and create job opportunities,” Banerjee said.
The institute, located opposite the Magadh University headquarters in Bodh Gaya, offers courses like a three-year BSc. in Hotel Management, 18-month Diploma in Food Service and 18-month Diploma in Food Production. All courses are affiliated with the National Hotel Management and Restaurant Technology Council (NCHMCT) under the Union Ministry of Tourism.

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