Illinois Wesleyan Universities Children’s Language School Hosts Language and Culture Festival


BLOOMINGTON, Ill. (WMBD/WYZZ) – On Saturday, Wesleyan University of Illinois Children’s Language School held a language and culture festival on the campus quad.

The leaders of the language school have partnered with several community organizations to provide children with fun events such as crafts, pinatas and live music, with opportunities to learn about different cultures.

Carmela Ferradáns, director of the children’s language school, said the event had two purposes. The first is to bring the community to the Illinois Wesleyan.

“The other goal, of course, is to celebrate the cultural diversity that we have in our community. It’s hidden, but we have it,” Ferradáns said.

She pointed out that there are many ways for children to learn about different cultures in the community, such as by enrolling in language school.

“We offer classes in French and Spanish from kindergarten through fifth grade,” Ferradáns said.

Randi Sutter of the Normal Public Library said the event benefits the children who attended, as well as community organizations.

“It’s a great way for organizations to connect with each other and see how we can partner together and bring more programs to our community,” Sutter said.

Ferradáns said seeing all the kids running around and having fun made him smile.

“I’ve been teaching here at Illinois Wesleyan for 30 years, and it’s events like this that make me happy,” Ferradáns said.

Those interested in enrolling their child in the Children’s Language School can find more information on their website.


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