Inverness Language School Fast Fluency Claim

Neil Kendall, ace of language.

A language whiz from Inverness runs lessons which he says will make you learn a foreign language around three times faster.

Neil Kendall, of Aignish Drive, Inverness, launched Neil Kendall Language School 12 months ago and despite the pandemic forcing online learning, has built up clients locally and internationally.

Rock musician Mr. Kendall developed an unexpected passion for language learning after a trip to Spain. He now speaks 10 languages ​​and thinks the way languages ​​are taught in school is fundamentally flawed.

He said: ‘I started researching and testing different ways of learning and eventually found that there are much better and more enjoyable ways to learn languages ​​than the way we are taught at home. ‘school.

“I went from a language dunce to a language warrior and have learned 10 languages ​​so far.

“The problem is that the methods used in school and in most language classes are boring and ineffective, which discourages people and associates them with hard work and negativity.”

Instead, it incorporates “accelerated learning techniques” that allow people to learn faster and more effectively. Her classes use a variety of colorful animated lessons, music, and group interactions that bring the classroom to life and empower people to speak, read, and write confidently in a language in record time.

He added: “I have systematized what I have learned into comprehensive courses that will take a person to the point where they can communicate effectively in another language in three months or less. I also run crash courses where I can teach all the material in one weekend, my Speed ​​Learn A Language courses.

“My lessons are totally unique and unlike any other language course taught anywhere in the world.”

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