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You have been called to cross-cultural ministry! Before leaving, you must learn a new language. Let us help you prepare!

Taylor University offers a series of three online courses for acquiring new languages. Your communication with those you have been called to serve will be enriched by this training. Our expert faculty will support and guide you. They have a vast intercultural experience to pass on. However, we know this is only one aspect of your preparation. Therefore, the courses are designed to be flexible, short and affordable.

course design

The courses are:

  • On line
  • At your own pace
  • 6 weeks
  • $100 each
  • Uncredited

You can set your class start date – any day of the year! Simply fill in the registration form, pay the tuition fees and you can start your course the next day. We’ll walk you through every step of the process, from registration to completion.


Lesson 1: Foundations of language learning

  • Study theories and research in the field of language acquisition.
  • Debunking popular notions about language learning as myths.
  • Learn long-standing theories that work.
  • Learn stories from real language learners that illustrate concepts and inspire you.

Course 2: Language learning systems and methods

  • See what the theories and principles look like in action.
  • Evaluate language acquisition systems, including schools, programs, courses, and independent study.
  • Analyze approaches and programs that could be used.
  • Get an overview of dozens of methods, techniques and strategies that can contribute to successful language learning.

Lesson 3: Customizing Language Learning

  • Personalize and contextualize all previous learning.
  • Consider your individual qualities, your family’s needs and realities, ministry goals, and the language you will be learning.
  • Go through a series of self-assessments that will culminate in a unique language learner profile.
  • Design your own language learning plan, in dialogue with the course instructor.

You have been called out. Let us help you prepare!

Meet Dr. Jan Dormer. She is Program Director and Professor of TESOL at Taylor University. Jan has a heart for cross-cultural ministry and will be happy to support you as you prepare to serve. She draws on her own experiences teaching English around the world, including Brazil, Indonesia and Kenya, to encourage you to take the next step.

Natalie Bussell is there to answer questions and walk you through registration through course completion. Call her!


Ready to register (and start) your course? Complete the registration form, select the first class and make payment when prompted.


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