Macfrut speaks many foreign languages


Various foreign operators and delegations participated in the Macfrut 2022 international fresh produce fair. FreshPlaza met some of them to get their opinion.


Venezuelan Deputy Minister of Foreign Trade and Investment Promotion, Héctor Silva, was present. Venezuela offers a wide range of fresh and processed vegetables and tropical fruits and is looking for technology. “Our country intends to import production supplies, some raw materials and the machinery needed to make production processes more efficient and competitive. We want to establish new relations with Italy, so we hope that Macfrut will become a regular event for us.


At the fair, Angola discussed products such as papayas, bananas and various types of avocados. “We managed to showcase the many business opportunities that our country offers. There was also a lot of interest in processed products. We believe that this show will grow, especially with regard to the innovation of machinery for the processing industry. agriculture. to continue talking to allow the exchange of more products and to develop commercial opportunities”, explained José Chinjamba, administrator of Aipex.


“As far as Chile is concerned, there has been a boom for dried plums: we have had numerous daily meetings with interested companies and have signed agreements for the supply of containers of goods directly to the fair. Dried plums from Chile are an excellent product, you can immediately taste their quality,” reports Vittorio Macaluso from the Chilean trade office in Italy. For exports to Italy, there is a strong demand for Abate and Coscia pears, grapes, apples and blueberries. Chilean cherries arrive in Italy in December, a strategic period for the Italian market. “For Chile, this fair is very important.”


A Cuban stand was present for the second year. “We chose to focus on sapote mamey and it was a winning choice: many visitors came to see us to learn more about this tropical fruit which has a myriad of beneficial properties and sweet flesh”, explains Lidia Ana Dominguez Febles, market assistant. analyst for Oficina La Habana. “In addition, as this edition was focused on spices and aromatic herbs, we highlighted ours: there was a lot of demand for tarragon, turmeric, habanero and spice blends. Macfrut continues to grow and establishes itself as a strategic business choice.”


“For Senegal, this event is very important for trade with Europe. We have established contacts with companies interested in learning about our products, including mangoes, lemons, melons and avocados. These products are in demand by the European market and in particular Italy, France, Spain and the Netherlands”, explains Oumar Sow, Managing Director of Agronegoce.


Kupakwashe Midzi, Zimtrade Client Advisor from Zimbabwe, said “Macfrut has grown a lot. We initially participated with 5 companies and now we have participated with 10. We are very happy because things have grown exponentially. the perfect opportunity to keep up to date with what Italy is doing, which is technologically very advanced in terms of equipment, for us it is an opportunity to understand how Italy is developing and what we can learn from it. We think it’s been a very positive experience.”

Dominican Republic

The feedback has also been good from the Dominican Republic, which has been participating in Macfrut since 2015. The Ministry of Agriculture participated in this edition with the joint presence of two vice ministers.

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