Oh, for the love of foreign languages!

By Garima Prasher

Engineering colleges to introduce foreign language courses for students; it will help them with their prospects for higher education or job opportunities abroad

Engineering students, if learning a foreign language has been on your to-do list for a long time, soon you can check it off. Many engineering colleges based in the city say they will soon start foreign language courses for students as part of their course curriculum. According to the institutions, the idea is to help students land good job opportunities and improve the reach of higher education abroad.

“We are about to introduce foreign language courses for engineering students from next semester. We will start by offering certification courses in German, French and Spanish.

Job opportunities are more for students with these language skills,” said Tejaswini BJHead, Humanities and Social Sciences, BMS Institute of Technology (BMSIT).

The courses offered are well written according to the language chosen by the students. Colleges claim that foreign language skills are not only necessary for job opportunities, but are also helpful in seizing an opportunity for higher education.

“Some countries require language certificates from certified language institutes for admissions to universities and colleges. We realized that if we could incorporate a foreign language into their curriculum, it would be a complementary skill and it would help them tremendously,” Tejaswini said.

Colleges under Bangalore City University (BCU) start with the French Baccalaureate program for their undergraduate students. According to Jyothi Venkatesh, Global Languages ​​Department Coordinator, BCU, students wishing to gain admission into one of the undergraduate programs can choose the French language as one of their majors.

“This initiative is under the National education policy by the central government. From this academic year, students will be able to follow the bachelor’s program in French in addition to their main subjects. The idea is that by the time they complete their degree program, they will also be fluent in a foreign language. This will ensure they are industry ready and in demand,” Venkatesh said.

At the BNM Institute of Technology (BNMIT), two foreign languages ​​will soon be part of the course curriculum.

By the time they graduate, they will be fluent in a foreign language

– Jyothi Venkatesh, Bangalore University

“We will start with German and Japanese as two foreign languages ​​for all students. As we are in the first year of autonomy, the languages ​​will be introduced in the second year as part of the course curriculum. Most job opportunities for engineering graduates are available in these countries and we try to make things easier for students,” said Eshwar MaaneyDean, BNMIT.

Experts say that the choice of a foreign language should also be based on specialization. For example, students with a computer background should opt for French or German; those whose area of ​​specialization is aeronautical engineering should opt for French; mechanical engineering students should turn to German and Japanese, while civil engineering and architecture students should opt for Spanish.

However, colleges say most students are still reluctant.

“We encourage students of all disciplines to learn foreign languages ​​because it improves their job prospects. The BU currently has qualified teachers for 14 foreign languages, but there are few applicants for many of these courses. While some students are opting for French, German, Spanish, Japanese and Korean, we need many more students to take foreign language courses as part of their skills,” Venkatesh said. .


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