Online foreign language teaching


Foreign language learning plays an important role in daily life, study and business in many forms. Online learning is a popular form for everyone. So, should online foreign language teaching open a training center?

What are the conditions for online foreign language teaching?

Foreign language teaching comes in two forms: online teaching and offline teaching in training centers. These two forms are prescribed by Decree No. 46/2017/ND-P (amended and supplemented by Decree No. 135/2018/ND-CP) or collectively referred to as teaching through a foreign language center.

In accordance with the regulations prescribed in Article 48, Decree No. 46/2017/ND-CP (amended and supplemented by Clause 21, Article 1, Decree No. 135/2018/ND-CP), the operating conditions of the foreign language training center are:

1. Employs the principal, teacher and employee personnel system to meet the required standards and operational requirements of the center

2. Has a construction establishment, teaching equipment, appropriate curriculum and materials, adequate funding, ensures the quality of training in accordance with the development and improvement plans and the operational scale of the center.

Teaching foreign languages ​​online: Need to open a training center? (Drawing)

The requests for the creation of a foreign language training center are as follows:

  • The request form for the creation of the training center in foreign languages ​​and IT;
  • The proposal for the establishment of the foreign language and computer training center specifies the following contents: name of the center, type, location, necessity and legal basis for the establishment of the center; objectives, functions and missions of the centre; training program and ladder; center facilities; organizational structure, director or vice-director (if applicable) of the centre, teams (or specialized divisions); Resume of recommended center director
  • The draft operating statutes of the foreign language and computer training center.

Does the online teaching of foreign languages ​​require the opening of a training center?

As mentioned above, one of the conditions for the operation of a foreign language center is to have facilities and equipment for teaching; In addition, it is also necessary to have a project clearly mentioning the name of the center, the location of the center… in the request for the creation of a foreign language training center.

Therefore, online foreign language teaching must have infrastructure and location…or must open a foreign language training center.


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