Pompeo urges Americans to learn foreign languages, cites China’s vast ambitions


US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced on October 16 in a livestreamed speech that the US State Department was expanding its National Security Language Initiative not only into Mandarin, but also into Russian, Arabic, Hindi, Farsi, etc He said Americans must hone their skills in critical language to enhance cooperation or deterrence against foreign interests in the United States. Americans must continue the legacy set in place by far-sighted predecessors and American policymakers, urged the US Secretary of State.

As the Trump administration has dramatically shifted US foreign policy due to growing Chinese dissent in the United States, Pompeo cited the expansive ambitions of the Chinese Communist Party and Iranian-backed terrorism as the main reasons for wealth. the American foreign language program. He said the US government website encompasses international language learning at low cost investments, also offering scholarships and internships.

In an official statement recorded by the American weekly, Newsweek, Pompeo insisted that Americans improve their knowledge of languages ​​to otherwise eliminate covert foreign threats or the prospect of conflict. Calling on American citizens to be part of the national effort in a livestreamed speech, the US Secretary of State said that in today’s national security environment, it is critical to understand how foreign nations “see us and how they think”. adding, “speaking their language counts”.

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CCP Threat Is “Real”

In an example Pompeo cited of why knowing foreign languages ​​was important to the United States, he said, consider the example of Chinese Communist Party (CCP) propaganda. “Chinese organs say one thing in English and another in Mandarin,” Pompeo said. It was essential to be able to understand both sides of the stories, he said. Pompeo then listed the US government website to opt for language programs. Earlier, in an October 16 press address, Secretary of State Pompeo said the threat from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) “is real” as he warned that the United States had allowed the CCP to “stepping on us”. Furthermore, he stressed that it would mean “real work” to fix what is happening at the World Trade Organization, accusing China of stealing patents and alleging the theft of American intellectual property.

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