Rockland Language School Cultural Dinner for “A Deep Dive into African Influences”


ROCKLAND – Local nonprofit Penobscot Bay Language School is hosting a cultural dinner titled “A Deep Dive into African Influences in American Culture: A History of Denial and Theft” on Tuesday, July 19, 2022, from 5:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. , at Penobscot Bay Language School, 28 Gay Street, Rockland.

Participants will explore inequity and cultural appropriation in the black experience in America.

Guests must register online at The $45 admission fee includes a tasting sample of many dishes associated with American cuisine that are actually direct descendants of African cuisine. Profits support the free ESL of New Mainers program, providing English lessons and support to all new Mainers.

Registered guests will be able to enjoy numerous samples of African-influenced food, wine or beer, and a presentation by chef and African music educator and performer Jordan Bennisan, of Me Lon Togo Restaurant (Rockland). A special guest artist will also participate in the event.

Dinner will be served on the back patio and gardens of the Penobscot Bay Language School in Rockland.

“Much of American culture as we know it was forged by many peoples who benefited least from our ‘melting pot’ of humanity known as the United States of America,” PBLS said. , in a press release. “Join PBLS staff, volunteers and community members for this wonderful celebration of American cultural heritage – through the lens of cultural identity, racial inequality and cultural appropriation.”

Founded in 1986 as a non-profit language school and cultural exchange center, Penobscot Bay Language School has served over 6,000 locals and over 500 international students of all ages with language instruction and cultural programs. More than three decades later, we continue to promote our mission: to develop and provide opportunities for people in Midcoast Maine and around the world to explore our shared experience on Earth through the study and celebration of language and culture.


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