Showbie and TrilbyTV bring language learning platform to classrooms


Showbie, an e-learning provider, and TrilbyTV, producers of digital signage for education, have teamed up to bring ‘Blended Learning Around the World’ content to classroom screens across the UK , according to a company press release.

The collaboration adds to an education lineup that includes Vocabulary Ninja, Rodocodo, Britannica and WWF.

“Our friendship with Showbie goes back over 10 years. As education trainers, we needed a simple mechanism to show teachers the power of digital technology,” TrilbyTV’s Neil Emery said in the release. “Showbie is that mechanism and its ease of use was certainly on our minds when developing TrilbyTV. Partnering with Showbie on our latest content catalog offering is a very proud moment indeed.”

The partnership combines TrilbyTV’s digital signage solution with Showbie’s “Blended Learning Around the World” content, creating a way for students to learn different languages. It displays short, easy-to-remember words and phrases, automatically switching between countries, allowing students to gather information to expand their foreign language vocabulary.

“Showbie is looking forward to partnering with TrilbyTV to bring new content to school TVs in the UK and EMEA,” Laura Maysk, brand manager at Showbie, said in the release. “We’ve been friends with TrilbyTV for a while and it’s such an engaging way to share important information, resources and fun content with your school community. We hope you enjoy learning languages ​​from teachers and Showbie students from around the world.”


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