South Indian films that have been remade in foreign languages, from Anuraga Aralithu to Abhay

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As “Oththa Seruppu Size 7”, Parthiepan’s critically acclaimed directorial film becomes the first Tamil film to be remade in Indonesia. Fans were delighted to learn that South Indian cinema is now expanding internationally. But did you know that this is not the first image to be remade in a foreign language? There have been many that have gained worldwide audiences. Let’s take a look at a list of South Indian movies that have been remade in other languages.

Anuraga Aralithu is a 1986 Kannada language film directed by MS. Rajasekhar and based on HG Radhadevi’s Kannada novel “Anuragada Anthahpura”. MSPuttaswamy produced the film, which starred Rajkumar, Madhavi and Geetha. The success of the film led to its replication in other Indian languages, as well as Bangladeshi Bangla as ‘Shami Stirir Juddho’ in 2002. Despite this, due to their success in Bangladesh, a few other southern films have been adapted into Bangladeshi Bengali.

“Abhay” is an Indian psychological thriller film directed by Suresh Krissna and based on the 1984 novel Dhayam by Kamal Haasan. Kamal appears in two parts of the film, both of which include aspects of magical realism. The film’s special effects also won a national award. Later, American filmmaker Quentin Tarantino included a lively action sequence in his martial arts film “Kill Bill: Volume 1” in 2003.

Divorce Invitation is a 2012 American romantic comedy film written by Robert Naturman and Bala Rajasekharuni and directed by SV Krishna Reddy in English. It is based on his 1997 Telugu film “Aahvaanam”. The film apparently received lackluster reviews upon its initial release.

Oththa Seruppu Size 7 is a single character thriller written, directed and produced by R.Parthiban as part of his film Bioscope Framers. The film set several records for being written, directed, starred and produced by one person. The film is currently being re-made in Hindi, making Telugu the first Tamil film to be re-made in Indonesian Bhasa.

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