Teachers root for foreign languages ​​in the curriculum


French teachers at secondary schools in southwestern Uganda and at Kabale University have called on the government to emphasize foreign language teaching in the school curriculum.

While attending the online French teacher training in Mbarara district over the weekend, teachers said there was youth unemployment in the country because the Ministry of Education n did not stress the importance of foreign languages ​​for Ugandans.

”Modern languages ​​are important for the development of this country. But Ugandans are cheated by the government not declaring modern languages ​​in our system. Our people are not employed elsewhere because they are trained to do jobs in the local market and they do not master the second international language,” said Mr. Moris Kaitaba, a French professor at the University of Kabbalah.

He said if the Ministry of Education put in place a policy for other foreign languages ​​to be taught in schools, it would help young people to compete with other countries in the region for job opportunities.

”There is no policy in Uganda on the languages ​​taught in schools. Why can’t the Ministry of Education think of putting in place a policy of liberating this country by using knowledge and opening up spaces for our young people to work elsewhere? Mr. Kataiba said

The director of the Institute of Languages ​​at Kabale University, the Rt Rev Prof Manuel Muranga, said foreign languages ​​have an added advantage.
“It is very important for us to know our mother tongue, but it is also important to know other languages. The government must popularize foreign languages ​​such as French so that people can understand its importance,” Prof Muranga said.

He said that for Ugandans to appreciate foreign languages, we need to translate some of the literature in those languages ​​into our mother tongue.
”It’s important for us to be linguistic patriots. Patriots for our mother tongue. But one way to promote your mother tongue is to translate literature in other languages ​​into your mother tongue,” Mr Muranga said.

The sponsor of the French Club of Kabale University, Mrs. Christine Kyomukama, said that languages ​​are soft skills that anyone can use regardless of the profession they belong to.

“I encourage everyone from different fields to learn foreign languages ​​like French because you can use it in different fields. It’s a soft skill you need whether you’re doing engineering, medicine, teaching or business,” she said.

The French teacher at Acorns International School and Alliance Française Kampala, Mr. Benis Batiri, said, “French is accessible because we have teachers from neighboring French-speaking countries who can teach. »

According to the US Department of Education, research has shown that there are many benefits to speaking more than one language.

Learning multiple languages ​​challenges the brain and improves cognitive and social-emotional development, learning, and chances for long-term success. It also helps people develop a more flexible approach to problem solving. “The ability to read and think in two (or more) different languages ​​promotes higher levels of abstract thinking, which is important in learning.”


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