Teaching foreign languages ​​in government schools in Punjab: Capt Amarinder: The Tribune India


Tribune press service

Chandigarh, June 10

In a bid to keep pace with the changing times, Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh on Thursday stressed the need to provide an opportunity for students wishing to learn foreign languages ​​as optional subjects in public schools.

In his remarks, the Chief Minister asked the Department of School Education to develop ways for students to learn foreign languages ​​such as Chinese, Arabic and French, as these could help improve their chances of employability around the world. He said that although Punjabi was our mother tongue and English was already taught in schools, the additional knowledge of foreign languages ​​would help students excel in their careers.

Sharing his experience on the resilience and spirit of our people to do something new, Capt Amarinder Singh said that a long time ago on a trip to Kapurthala district he noticed a sign in a rural area that indicated a place where the Italian language was taught. He said that this incident reveals that people, especially young people, want to learn foreign languages ​​to move abroad and such a move by the department will help students cherish their aspirations.

Stressing the need to motivate students to play sports as a character-building exercise, the senior minister also requested the minister of school education to explore the possibility of developing playgrounds in schools. Referring to a famous quote, “The battle of Waterloo was won on the playgrounds of Eton”, Captain Amarinder said it was popularly attributed to generals who led the command of famous battles and were trained at Eton’s playgrounds in the UK. during their early years of school.

School Education Minister Vijay Inder Singla assured the Chief Minister that the department will work closely with digital platforms offering the possibility of online courses in foreign languages.

Praise teachers for scoring index results

While congratulating the teachers and staff for placing Punjab number one in the 2019-20 Performance Rating Index released by the Government of India, the Chief Minister said it was a matter of pride that the Punjab achieved this rare feat, which was the result. for his collective efforts coupled with his hard work, dedication and sincerity


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