The most useful foreign languages ​​to learn in Pakistan


Interest in learning a foreign language is on the rise among Pakistanis. Pakistanis have recently discovered how important it is to learn another language. Once you are fully convinced of the importance of these foreign languages ​​and their future usefulness, the main question is which of these foreign languages ​​is the best? Many Pakistanis, eager to find good jobs leading to a better and brighter future and pursue opportunities abroad, are fluent in languages ​​other than their English or Urdu. The young generation of Pakistan now devotes its time to learning foreign languages.

According to some linguists, Japanese, French, Korean, Turkish, Chinese and German are the languages ​​of the future. It takes a lot of time and effort to learn and understand a foreign language. Therefore, students are always suggested to choose a foreign language that offers good career opportunities and job application in the future.

In recent years, the demand for Chinese, Turkish, German and French has increased sharply for several reasons.


Since Japanese is a very difficult language to learn, there is a little less competition for positions with Japanese-speaking candidates, so it becomes easier to get a job. Students opt for this language because Japan has a large economy with the fastest advanced technology. The demand for Japanese language has increased since the Japanese government improved the cultural ties between Pakistan and Japan with the help of cultural, sports or educational exchange programs. Japan is also known to help language learning centers in Pakistan by providing them with special training and books.


Another language that Pakistanis like to learn is French. Many schools offer the French language as an additional subject. Learning French can bring many job opportunities, as many multinational companies use French as their working language. Many French companies are also based in Pakistan, such as Loreal Pakistan. French is spoken on different continents and is the second most studied language, it is the language of culture, royalty and love. Many students want to learn French because it gives them the possibility of obtaining family sponsorships as well as chances to go abroad for higher studies.


It’s quite surprising that a huge number of students are learning the Korean language because it’s a gateway to getting amazing jobs and helping secure a brighter future. Korean is the language of South Korea and has one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Additionally, South Korea has the 7th largest economy in the world. The main focus of these students learning the Korean language is for employment and training programs available in South Korea. On the other hand, many have become interested in learning Korean due to the crazy growing trend of K-drama and K-movies.


With the growing popularity of Turkish serials and dramas in Pakistan, many people were fascinated with the Turkish language. In fact, the Turkish language had a late entry into our society. With a dozen Pak-Turk schools and colleges open in Pakistan, the obsession with learning the Turkish language has steadily increased. Today, many students learn this Turkish language in their schools. It is an important language because many people around the world speak it, it is the 15th most spoken language. Learning the Turkish language gives you a ticket to an outstanding career and opens up many amazing opportunities for you. It’s a way to stand out. You can also easily benefit from many higher education scholarships if you learn the Turkish language.


Mainly, the Pakistan-China friendship has stimulated interest in learning the Chinese language. Nearly thousands of students register to learn Chinese. With China being the second largest economy in the world, this means learning Chinese can open up job opportunities for you anywhere. It is widely spoken and is becoming fashionable all over the world. Many Pakistanis, an estimated 15,000 students go to China for higher education. Due to the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor CPEC, many want to learn Chinese as it leads to better jobs and a good lifestyle. The awareness of learning Chinese has resulted in a better understanding of one of the richest cultures in the world. Chinese can also help you in your personal and professional growth or gain advantages in the business market.


German, on the other hand, is growing in popularity. Germany is an outstanding economic power in the world with a great economy. Learning the German language is compulsory if you opt for higher education. German is taught in many universities in Pakistan due to its cultural and economic importance. German is the third most taught foreign language in the world and one of the most important languages. One can earn more money by learning German, and it can be a great help in expanding career opportunities. Moreover, knowing German will not only help in career or employment opportunities, but will also help in medicine, government, and health care. Job opportunities for German language learners include the following jobs, Translator, Journalism, Teacher, Engineering in Germany and many more.

No matter what part of the world we live in, foreign languages ​​have become a fundamental part of the globalized world. The study of foreign languages ​​enriches our knowledge and makes us respect the cultures of other countries. New scientific studies have proven that learning a foreign language makes you smarter and sharper. The growing trend of learning foreign languages ​​is a good step for Pakistan and it really empowers Pakistanis.


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