The second French-language school board election canceled in Toronto


Voting residents will no longer be able to vote for a French-language Catholic school trustee in Ward 4 after the City Clerk determines the election was void.

This is the second vote by French-language school trustees to become void this week.

According to a statement released on Saturday, the clerk has determined that two of the three MonAvenir Catholic School Board candidates running in the municipal elections are not eligible.

One of the candidates from Ward 4 – Toronto East was declared ineligible on October 21.

“At that time, the election could proceed as there were two candidates remaining, and no one would be elected by acclamation due to the candidate’s ineligibility,” the statement said.

“Now that one of the remaining candidates is ineligible, the election has been canceled and a by-election will be held.”

The clerk said the new information was obtained on Friday evening.

To be eligible for the position of Francophone school counselor, a candidate must first have learned French and still understand the language, have attended a French-language school in Canada, or have children who attended or have attended a French-language school in Canada.

The clerk did not name the candidates deemed ineligible. Their names also no longer appear on the City of Toronto’s election website.

Earlier this week, the city announced that the election for Ward 3’s French public school trustee was void.

Officials did not name the ineligible candidate, but said he was not a French language rights holder, which is required by the Education Act.

With files by Bryann Aguilar


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