Two former high school teachers launch a foreign language learning center in Ipswich


09:51 February 19, 2020

09:10 PM October 11, 2020

Two language teachers have teamed up to launch a foreign language training center in Ipswich.

Language Town, based at Farthing Road Industrial Estate, has already started French and Spanish language courses, which can be used to help students prepare for exams at GCSE or A Levels.

Emily Kerrison and Debbie Leadbetter – who have taught for three decades in East Anglian schools – believe their new approach could become an example of how foreign languages ​​can be learned and enjoyed.

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Ms Kerrison, former Head of Languages ​​at Westbourne Academy, said they were “really delighted” to be launching their own “unique approach to language learning” in Suffolk.

“If there’s one area of ​​study that all age groups can benefit from embracing, it’s languages. Not only can it help with holiday travel, but it’s been proven to open up opportunities career opportunities and improves our understanding of other cultures around the world,” she says.

Ms Leadbetter, published author and former Head of Department at Northgate High School, said: “We recognize that for many people learning languages ​​can feel scary, too difficult and in some cases too monotonous and lacking in creativity.

“Our approach really turns that on its head. We have some exciting things to come in how we bring Language Town into the community and into schools, which will really make students feel like they’re immersing themselves in the country and the culture. where a particular language is spoken.”

Initial programs include a busy leisure learning agenda, with lessons suitable for learners of all levels and backgrounds.

“Our company is very innovative in an area of ​​education that has changed little over the past two decades,” Ms. Kerrison said.

“We are delighted to serve the schools, students and community of Suffolk and to help make it a county that can be seen as an example of how it approaches language learning.”


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