Ugandans in Australia create a language school


The Ugandan community in Australia started a language school to ensure that ties with their country of origin remain strong.

On weekends, volunteers from Adelaide learn Luganda young people, which helps to create a sense of identity.

“Because of this reason to help our children to identify where they are from, to communicate with their relatives who don’t speak English, that’s why we felt the need to teach them to speak the local language,” said said the teacher from Luganda, Brenda Noweka.

For others, it is about preserving a language while creating a Sense of community.

“Preserving a language is essential for a person’s self-expression, for their identity, and also most important for their socialization because one has to speak a language to be part of a community,” explained the Ugandan scholar. , Ibrahima Diallofrom the University of South Australia.

Learning Lugandathe most widely spoken mother tongue in Uganda, is essential for communicating with relatives in the country of origin.

“We want our children to be able to identify with the people back home and we don’t want them to lose their cultural identity, so when they go home it’s easy for them to relate to the people back home. them (…) Are trying to bring us home, to our foreign home,” said Jennifer Amunamember of the Ugandan community in South Australia.

This year, Uganda Party 60 years of independenceand Ugandans around the world are marking the occasion.


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