Why learning a language is like playing Western sports


There is no apparent link between playing a sport and learning another language. But if you look at the similarities, there are several similarities. Additionally, skills and techniques can be passed on to help the next one. Here we explore this idea in detail.

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It is practice makes perfect

We have all heard of this famous saying before, and it is true. In language learning, you strengthen your neural pathways by practicing and repeating what you have learned in class. This means it will be easier for you to remember and find the information you need in the future.

It’s exactly the same as playing Western sports – or any other sport, for that matter. Each time you practice, you take steps to improve your skills and abilities and, as they say, “skill comes from consistent, deliberate practice”.

Working as a team can help you.

Although rodeo can be an individual sport, you can get a lot out of working alongside other people. You can observe their skills, learn new techniques and use any advice when practicing independently.

The same goes for learning a language. Specifically, this applies when you know a popular language in a group, such as French, Spanish or Portuguese lessons online. As part of this, you can note the practice of passive listening skills, observe speech patterns, and learn from the mistakes of other speakers. Also, if there are native speakers in your town, you might find it beneficial to meet them for a coffee. Alternatively, you can watch speakers of your preferred language on TV and online.

Expert support will help you.

Just as a sports coach can make all the difference, a language tutor can teach you new skills and allow you to practice your speaking. If you have a peer group, it can further enhance your abilities and experience. Language is a matter of communication. When you have other people around, you can talk to each other, share skills, and help those who might be struggling.

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It’s good for the muscles.

western sports are a great workout for various muscle groups all around the body, and the same goes for language learning. Not only do we have to use our facial muscles when speaking a new language, but pronunciation can often feel like a workout for your cheeks.

Different languages ​​require different muscle movements and mouth shapes to be spoken effectively. The main muscle that learning another language helps is the brain. Just like exercise, your brain can become wiser and stronger with regular training.

You need a strategy and some tactics.

As in any sport, you must have a plan of action and a box of tactics to beat your opponent in western sports. While you may not need to beat anyone to succeed in language learning, you do need to a communication strategy effectively. For example, if you are in charge of sharing critical information, how will you do it at your level? Will you need to use an online dictionary? Maybe you will need to draw pictures or play certain words if you don’t quite know them? Either way, until you’re fluent, you may need a strategy to help others understand you.

Comparison is the thief of joy.

western sports, language learning and even everyday life by comparing yourself or your performance to others is not always the best. Of course, you might want to compare your current status to that of a few months ago to see how far you’ve come. But remember, you always have to be forgiving. You won’t be able to hit the mark every time. Instead, aim for a goal and break it down into manageable chunks. This way you can track progress and see your improvement.

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