Wicklow language school urgently seeking host families for students after Covid cancellations


The headmaster of Greystones Language School is urgently looking for accommodation for summer students who have been left homeless after their original hosts contracted Covid.

Ucina Howley said the situation for students who have arrived or are due to arrive in Wicklow is changing day by day. This week, she received four housing cancellations from hosts who were to host students, including three due to Covid.

“It’s been mental trying to find new families for all of them,” she said.

While three of the students expect to accept their original accommodation offer once the hosts test negative, Lucina said the fourth no longer has that option. She also expects more students to face temporary or permanent accommodation cancellations in the coming weeks.

“Every time the phone rings, I expect it to be someone else.”

Lucina calls on anyone in the town of Wicklow and surrounding areas who would like to offer accommodation to a student to contact her. Pupils attend school at St. Pat’s National School in the town of Wicklow.

The pandemic has changed the language school landscape in multiple ways, according to Lucina. With many people converting their spare bedrooms into home offices for remote working, some of their former hosts no longer had the space to accommodate students. The lockdowns also forced them to close their business for two years, leading Lucina and her husband to take on other projects such as a moving company and deep-sea swimming lessons. As a moving company, they acquired several spare beds which they lent to host families who otherwise lacked the necessary amenities to accommodate students.

Lucina can be contacted on 087 7663437.


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