World Cultures and Languages: Foreign Languages


World Cultures & Languages: Foreign Languages ​​Option
(48 hours – Minor required)

Compulsory courses:

  • AN101 Observing other cultures (3)
  • AN181 Introduction to cultural anthropology (3)
  • 9 hours of the same foreign language* (9)
  • PS104 Comparative Political Systems (3)

Choose 3 hours from:*

  • FR220 French literature (3)*
  • GN220 German Literature (3)*
  • SN220 Hispanic Literature (3)*

Choose 3 hours from:*

  • Other foreign language (3)
  • GG150 Peoples & Places of the World (3)

*When you choose the Foreign Language or Global Studies option, the chosen language must correspond to the chosen major.

Foreign languages ​​option – Choose a track

French track

Compulsory courses:
  • FR010 Language proficiency exam: midpoint (0)
  • FR020 Language proficiency exam: exit (0)
  • French lessons (24)**

German track

Compulsory courses:
  • GN010 Language Proficiency Exam: Midpoint (0)
  • Language Proficiency Exam GN020: Exit (0)
  • German courses (24)**

Spanish track

Compulsory courses:
  • SN010 Language Proficiency Exam: Midpoint (0)
  • SN020 Language Proficiency Exam: Exit (0)
  • Spanish lessons (24)**

**See department for list of approved electives. 1 to 16 hours of French, German or Spanish can be acquired through Study Abroad. Contact the Department of Communication Studies and Modern Languages ​​for more details.

NOTE: Students are encouraged to study abroad during their junior or senior years. These credits can be applied to major elective courses. Short-term study abroad courses are offered during the winter and summer terms.


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